The Samunnat Story

We are excited to announce a new exclusive partnership with "Samunnat," a truly wonderful and gifted group of women in Nepal. Samunnat, a non-profit organization, was formed as a much-needed resource to assist the many Nepalese women who are the victims of domestic violence. These women produce some of the most beautifully-detailed hand-crafted polymer clay beads we've ever seen. We immediately knew we had to do our part to help usher these beads into the world in a larger way.

Located east of Kathmandu, Samunnat women earn fair wages that allow many of them to leave their vulnerable, often volatile situations. They've formed their own microfinance co-op with other women in the community, allowing them to manage operations themselves, and are also working toward the artists independently managing their own business. From victims of domestic abuse to fully-empowered business owners, the purchase of Samunnat polymer clay beads is helping provide the women of Samunnat with the necessary resources to improve their lives and the lives of their families and communities..